Providing Comprehensive Criminal Defense Representation

When you face criminal charges, you want to know whether your criminal defense attorney:

  • Has the experience to handle all aspects of your case
  • Has credibility within the justice system
  • Is familiar with prosecutors' tactics and strategies, as well as their limits when negotiating

Attorney James Borden of Greensboro, North Carolina, is fully prepared to handle your defense. Mr. Borden is a former prosecutor who has good relationships and a high level of credibility with local prosecutors. He has provided criminal defense to clients for close to 20 years. During his years as a lawyer, he and his staff have handled thousands of cases, including felony crimes and common misdemeanors in the Davidson County courts.

The Representation We Provide

Have you been charged with a crime in North Carolina? We can provide experienced representation in a broad range of legal matters, including:

In addition, we handle cases involving assault, battery, murder, sex crimes and a range of other charges. For more information regarding our firm and your rights, contact our office.

Here To Serve You

To learn more, contact the Law Office of James M. Borden, PLLC, at our Greensboro, North Carolina, office by calling 336-542-2198 or 866-720-5634, or sending us an email. We offer free initial consultations in criminal law matters, charge affordable, competitive and reasonable rates, and accept credit cards.