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If you have been pulled over for drunk driving in North Carolina, the Law Office of James M. Borden, PLLC, in Greensboro can provide experienced help. Attorney James Borden has practiced criminal law as both a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer. We have handled thousands of DUI/DWI cases and are skilled in arguing for reduced charges, dismissed charges and reduced sentencing — and at working to prove your innocence in court.

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The Severe Penalties You Can Face As A Result Of A Drunk Driving Conviction

Charges of drunk driving in North Carolina bring serious legal consequences. In addition to a criminal record and increased motor vehicle insurance rates, a DUI/DWI conviction can result in fines, requirement to do community service, incarceration, mandatory alcohol treatment and counseling, and a one-year suspension of your driver's license

When you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI/DWI, police officers must follow proper procedures. If they do not, the case against you is subject to dismissal or significantly reduced charges and penalties. When pulling you over and working to convict you, law enforcement officials and prosecutors must have:

  • Probable cause to stop you
  • Evidence to back up your arrest
  • Sufficient evidence to prove your guilt

We can investigate the facts of your case, obtain police records and mount an aggressive defense of your rights. When the evidence is overwhelming, we can push for limited driving privileges and alcohol treatment in an effort to keep you working and out of jail. We can also assist you with DUI/DWI matters relating to interlock devices, DMV penalties and habitual DWIs.

For more information regarding our firm and drunk driving charges, contact our office. We are here to provide you with aggressive representation in DUI/DWI cases. In all such matters, we will provide you a frank assessment of your circumstances.

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