Protecting Your Rights When You Face Domestic Violence Allegations

If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, criminal defense attorney James Borden can provide experienced legal help. In addition to two decades of criminal defense legal experience, attorney Borden served as a prosecutor and assistant district attorney for three years. With significant legal experience on both sides of domestic violence cases, Mr. Borden can provide effective legal representation of clients facing criminal charges.

The Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Charge

Charges involving domestic violence can have an immediate effect on the alleged perpetrator. Even before a conviction, a 50B restraining order can bar those accused of domestic abuse from entering their homes or visiting their children.

Once charges are filed, a restraining order hearing is scheduled. Without an effective defense, a judge can decide to extend a domestic violence protective order for a full year. Other consequences are:

  • Mandatory anger management classes
  • A mark on your public record
  • Loss of the right to own firearms
  • Possible jail time for perceived violations of the order

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Taking The Necessary Steps To Clear Your Name

Domestic violence accusations are often misused by alleged victims to gain an edge in family law disputes. Just as often, questions exist regarding what exactly happened and why.

We can conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, then work to protect your rights in hearings and in court. Remember, once charges are filed, they cannot be dropped by the alleged victim; the state of North Carolina will prosecute all cases once they are reported. For more information regarding our firm and your rights, contact our office.

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