Helping Keep Your Criminal Record Clean

Expungements are also often available when the accused was found not guilty or when charges were dismissed. After successfully clearing your record, you do not have to explain circumstances to potential employers, lenders and other parties.

If you have questions regarding record expungement, criminal defense attorney James Borden can provide experienced help. We have successfully handled thousands of record expungement cases.

Why An Expungement May Be Necessary

Most people charged with a misdemeanor or felony eventually consider having their criminal record cleared or "expunged." In North Carolina, expungement opportunities are very limited, but should be pursued when possible. A clear record can:

  • Keep your insurance premiums low
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Enhance housing and education opportunities
  • Give a minor a chance at a better future
  • Protect you in the event of future charges — if you face another criminal charge after an earlier charge has been expunged, the consequences may be lessened

Expungement is generally not available in North Carolina if you have been convicted of a crime or entered a guilty plea. Exceptions include:

  • Convictions that occurred before the person was 18 years old
  • Convictions involving the possession of one gram of cocaine or less

A recent case illustrates our effectiveness in handling simple and complex expungement cases. After getting our client's marijuana possession charge dismissed, he then faced another drug charge, which we worked successfully to have reduced to a misdemeanor. We are currently working to have that charge expunged.

In North Carolina, the expungement process takes from four to six months. If you are interested in clearing your record, you should begin immediately. For more information, contact our firm.

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