Defending You In Traffic Offense Cases

Many people just pay their fine when charged with a traffic offense. But they should first consider all the consequences, including keeping driving records clean and insurance premiums low.

Criminal defense attorney James Borden has handled thousands of traffic violations cases, both as a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer. We are committed to providing an aggressive defense against traffic charges. Why? Because moving violations can carry serious legal penalties. For example, if you exceed 80 miles per hour or drive 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, you face a mandatory court appearance and license suspension.

The Traffic Violation Charges We Defend Against

We have worked successfully to have charges reduced or dismissed following a broad range of traffic offenses, including:

  • Driving with a revoked license
  • Speeding or driving too fast for traffic conditions
  • Reckless driving
  • Failure to yield or signal
  • Hit-and-run
  • Prearranged racing
  • Overtaking/passing an emergency vehicle or school bus
  • Overloading a vehicle
  • Drunk driving/DUI
  • Failure to move over when a policeman is on the road's shoulder

If you have received traffic ticket, contact our firm for more information and for experienced and effective legal help. We provide representation throughout Davidson County and across all of North Carolina.

Reinstating Your Driver's License

Unfortunately, many traffic violations can prevent you from operating a motor vehicle. This can mean you cannot operate a car, bus or truck as a part of your occupation. It can also mean that you will not be able to drive your car to work or to the store.

We will take the necessary steps in possibly preventing or even reversing a driver's license suspension or revocation. Attorney James Borden has extensive experience in the administrative and criminal law process, and he can take the necessary steps to make certain your driver's license is back in place.

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